Mike Glier: along a long line

along a long lineInterviews by Carol Diehl, Essay by Lisa Corrin.
ISBN 978-1555953195
Hardcover, cloth binding | 11 x 12 inches; 208 pages; 240 color plates and photographs.
Published by Hard Press Editions in associations with Hudson Hills Press, 2009. 

With 50 pounds of art supplies on his back, one French easel, a laptop and nine weeks in each location, Mike Glier is a plein-air painter with a modern day twist, traveling along the 70th line of longitude to the Arctic, Ecuador, the Caribbean, and New York City addressing the urgent issue of man’s connection to and place in nature.
Glier’s works are the basis of an ongoing project using the mathematics of cartography as a connection between his canvases. In along a long line  Glier was curious about the longitudinal line (70th) that sits under his studio.  He got out a map and followed that line to see what else was on it: the Antarctic, New York City, the Amazon and St. Johns Virgin Islands all sit in close relativity to that line. With weekly reports from the front lines, Glier shares  a developing composition, and then displays the finished artwork with in depth text and imagery. The connections and variations on landscape, vegetation and insects make for a dazzling color palette and a 21st century artist’s perspective on a very Darwinian approach to planet earth. Glier’s message: appreciate the uniqueness of Earth’s diversity.

Mike Glier has been featured in numerous publications, including Bomb Magazine.  Listen to an interview with Mike Glier on NPR’s Here and Now.

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