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INTO THE LIGHT: The Healing Art of Kalman Aron

by Susan Beilby Magee
ISBN 978-1-55595-385-0
Hard cover with dust jacket | 11 x 10 inches | 224 pages; 210 color plates, 30 black and white images
Co-published by Hard Press Editions and Posterity Press, Inc. in association with Hudson Hills Press, 2012

A six-year-old girl sits for a pastel portrait by an unknown immigrant artist. Fifty years later, he asks her to write his story. INTO THE LIGHT is a profound, visual narrative of hope, courage and healing in the face of evil. It relates the epic life journey of artist Kalman Aron as he emerges from the ashes of the Holocaust to explore the nature of humankind, his own humanity and the mystery of life—all on canvas. What unfolds is a visual record of one man’s remarkable evolution from darkness to light. Healing himself through his art, Kalman Aron’s example offers hope to all.

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Star Crossed


by Bette Isacoff
ISBN 978-0-6157-5281-5
soft cover | 6 x 9 inches | 208 pages
Headwinds Publishing, 2013

Her parents said, “You’re marrying a seventeen-year-old Jewish high school student, a boy?”
His parents said, “You’re in love with a twenty-one-year-old Catholic senior in college, a woman?”
And then the fun begins . . . .

The year is 1968, when this sort of thing just isn’t done.
But it’s almost as if these two are drawn to each other by a series of unlikely circumstances beyond their control. Is it God, Fate with a sense of humor, or mere coincidence? The young, mixed-faith couple faces hardships, mishaps, and triumphs during their two year courtship at a time when such love was exotic and forbidden.

Richard and Bette manage to keep their unlikely romance hidden through clandestine post office boxes, dates in out-of-the-way places, a housemother who looks the other way, and a loyal roommate sworn to keep their secret. But that secret comes out in the worst possible way, when their engagement announcement appears in the local paper a week early . . . before Richard has worked up the nerve to tell his family.

The two confront outraged parents, scornful siblings, snickering friends, legal obstacles, and uncooperative clergy. How do you stay true to yourself and honor the one you love when your upbringing, your entire history is pulling you another way?

A story of triumph to inspire anyone involved in a relationship—traditional or not—Star Crossed is a touching memoir of humor, heartbreak, and hope.

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Amy Goldin: Art in A Hairshirt, Art Criticism 1964-1978

Essays by Amy Goldin, Robert Kushner and others.
ISBN 978-1-55595-342-3
soft cover | 9 x 6 inches | 220 pages; 15 color plates
Published by Hard Press Editions, 2012

Edited by Robert Kushner with contributing essays by Elizabeth Baker, Holland Cotter, Michael Duncan, Oleg Grabar, Max Kozloff, Irving Sandler, Joan Simon, and Emna Zghal, this is the first-ever collection of essays by influential art critic, Amy Goldin. Over thirty essays taken from the pages of Artnews, Artforum, Art Journal, New American Review, International Journal for Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Art in America and her personal journals during the 60s and 70s, have been selected by artist Robert Kushner and relayed with insightful accounts from prominent art world writers.

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Authored by Aliza Edelman with contributions by Ron Bishop, Michele Cohen, John Driscoll, Barbara Anderson Hill and Jennifer McGregor.
ISBN 978-1-55595-346-1
Hardcover | 11 x 11 inches | 140 pages; 178 photos / illustrations (includes 11 black and white)
Published by Hard Press Editions in association with Hudson Hills Press, 2011

MARYLYN DINTENFASS PARALLEL PARK is the first book to document this internationally-known artist’s most recent work that reveals her life-long love affair with automobiles, especially the culturally iconic high-powered, sporty, sexy muscle cars that streamed out of Detroit from the late 1950’s to the mid-1970’s. This monograph is the story of Marylyn Dintenfass‘ most recent achievement:  one of the largest and most transformative art installations in the United States of the past decade.  The book expands upon Dintenfass’ drawings, monotypes and paintings on the automotive theme and critically explores how they are the genesis for this site-specific installation—the latest in a long series of such works—entitled Parallel Park  in Fort Myers, Florida. Parallel Park  is a major new study on the artist, a review of popular culture and gender issues in contemporary art, and an invaluable public art reference.

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Loring Coleman: Living and Painting in a Changing New England, An Autobiography

Written by Loring W. Coleman, NA, AWS; Edited by Hugh Fortmiller with a Foreword by Henry Adams.
ISBN 978-1-55595-341-6
Hardcover | 11 x 12 inches | 240 pages; 115 color plates
Published by Hard Press Editions in association with Hudson Hills Press, 2011

Distinguished painter and teacher, Loring W. Coleman, shares his lifetime of art through a recounting of amusing and intriguing experiences as a student and teacher and as a distinguished plein air painter, especially of New England landscapes. Coleman has studied with New England notables Hermann Dudley Murphy, Charles Curtis Allen and Bernard Keyes. This charming and stimulating recount of the artist’s life also features 30 anecdotal essays showcasing paintings representative of his work from the 1950’s through the early 21st century. These cleverly drawn stories are derived from his own impressions and experiences during the creation of these paintings. Loring W. Coleman touches us in our knowing of a New England landscape and its deep impressions of leaning farmhouses, sagging Colonials with a few shingles missing, and barely-there barns. His style is exact, capturing weight, light and mood of each scene as if in conversation with it.

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Frank Vining Smith: Maritime Painting in the 20th century

by James A. Craig
ISBN 1555953298
Hardcover with dust jacket | 11 x 12 inches | 172 pages; 85 color plates
Published by Hard Press Editions in association with Hudson Hills Press, 2010

The most comprehensive survey of one of America’s greatest marine artists.  Influenced by the New England shore of his youth, Smith is known for his versatility, color palette and realism—capturing every line of rigging, sail plan and line of a ship’s hull with unerring accuracy that captivated brash sailors and the general public alike.  Perhaps best known for his majestic clipper ships along the New England shore, Smith was a prolific artist and illustrator whose subject matter went beyond his portrayal of the nautical world to include works depicting the great outdoors in a career that spanned both World War I and World War II and beyond. From clipper ships to schooners to whalers, Hard Press Editions casts the spotlight on Frank Vining Smith (1879-1967), prolific maritime painter of the Golden Age of Sail.

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Seeing Out Louder, Art Criticism 2003-2009

SaltzCover246 by Jerry Saltz
ISBN 978-1555953188
Hardcover | 6 x 9 inches | 300 pages
Published by Hard Press Editions in association with Hudson Hills Press, 2009

After a decade of serving as Art Critic for the Village Voice, Jerry Saltz, a one time truck driver turned seasoned art critic, has since 2007 held the coveted title of Senior Art Critic at New York Magazine. Picking up in 2003, shortly after the wrenching contested 2000 election, the attacks of September 11, and the ramping-up of the Iraq War, Seeing Out Louder brilliantly reveals the rise of the hyper art market, the capitulation to money, the dark politics that form the background of this bright period, to the collapse and fall of this market and those politics.


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Mike Glier: along a long line

along a long lineInterviews by Carol Diehl, Essay by Lisa Corrin.
ISBN 978-1555953195
Hardcover, cloth binding | 11 x 12 inches; 208 pages; 240 color plates and photographs.
Published by Hard Press Editions in associations with Hudson Hills Press, 2009. 

With 50 pounds of art supplies on his back, one French easel, a laptop and nine weeks in each location, Mike Glier is a plein-air painter with a modern day twist, traveling along the 70th line of longitude to the Arctic, Ecuador, the Caribbean, and New York City addressing the urgent issue of man’s connection to and place in nature.
Glier’s works are the basis of an ongoing project using the mathematics of cartography as a connection between his canvases. In along a long line  Glier was curious about the longitudinal line (70th) that sits under his studio.  He got out a map and followed that line to see what else was on it: the Antarctic, New York City, the Amazon and St. Johns Virgin Islands all sit in close relativity to that line. With weekly reports from the front lines, Glier shares  a developing composition, and then displays the finished artwork with in depth text and imagery. The connections and variations on landscape, vegetation and insects make for a dazzling color palette and a 21st century artist’s perspective on a very Darwinian approach to planet earth. Glier’s message: appreciate the uniqueness of Earth’s diversity.

Mike Glier has been featured in numerous publications, including Bomb Magazine.  Listen to an interview with Mike Glier on NPR’s Here and Now.

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Critical Mess: Art Critics on the State of their Practice

critical_messby Raphael Rubinstein
ISBN 978-1889097671
soft cover | 6 x 9 inches | 300 pages
Hard Press Editions, 2006

In a pluralist, global, market-driven art world, how should a critic approach the evaluation of visual art? As some critics have chosen to adopt a more journalistic stance, others have called for a more honest, opinionated critical practice. One of the first articles to open up debate about criticism was Raphael Rubinstein’s 2003 Art in America polemic, “A Quiet Crisis.” Rubinstein has assembled an anthology of writings by international critics on the state of art criticism. Among the contents are English critic J.J. Charlesworth’s “The Dysfunction of Criticism,” American art historian and critic Lane Relyea’s “All Over and At Once,” and Rubinstein’s own “A Quiet Crisis.” Other key texts are included by prominent art critics such as Arthur C. Danto, James Elkins, Eleanor Heartney, Jerry Saltz, Peter Plagens, Nancy Princenthal and Katy Siegel. This volume will give readers a full picture of the current debate about the nature of art criticism, a debate that has become as heated and questioning as the discourse on contemporary art in general.
Raphael Rubinstein is a New York-based poet and art critic who, since 2007, has been professor of Critical Studies at the University of Houston. In 2002, the French government presented him with the award of Chevalier in the Order of Arts and Letters. In 2010, his blog The Silo won a Creative Capital/Warhol Foundation arts writer grant.

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